About Us

About Steve

Steve started running eight years ago when he was living in Singapore, right after his daughter was born – arguably the worst place and time to start long distance trail running but we’re obviously talking about a man who likes a challenge.

While the initial goal was mostly to get back in shape, he soon realised running brought him an immense sense of peace and mental calm, which he couldn’t get from anything else quite the same way. Trail running is Steve’s way of connecting with nature and himself, away from the worries and stress of everyday life and corporate work. Steve manages the Xbox team at Microsoft NZ (and no, that does not mean he can get you free games).

He’s grown to welcome and anticipate the tough physical and mental challenges that come with long distance trail raining. If only it didn’t create so much washing…

You can reach Steve at steve@reelwildfilmfest.com.

About Vera

Vera took up running three years ago mostly because she found herself eating too many curries but was too cheap to pay for a gym membership. In between running injuries, she’s been having a blast exploring trails all over the place and complaining about hills.

An editor at Yahoo! NZ by day (and apparently film festival organiser by night because who needs sleep anyway?), Vera also writes about trail running for a number of different media outlets, including (very occasionally) her own blog, Super Generic Girl, and basically whoever will pay her. Running 100km at the Tarawera Ultramarathon was pretty much the highlight of her life and she’ll brag about it at any opportunity. Like this one.

To get in touch with Vera, email her at vera@reelwildfilmfest.com.


About Mediocre Astronauts

Vera Alves and Steven Blackburn are both avid trail runners and came together over some craft beers one evening and had an epiphany: to create an event that they would like to go to that captures the spirit of the post long run drinks.

They decided to do things right and formed Mediocre Astronauts, the team that now brings this event to you. Beyond the Earth’s atmosphere they’d fare so-so, down here in the mud and roots they’re kick ass (and yes, we did just make that up because we needed to justify the crazy name. But we do kick ass).


About Reel Wild

Reel Wild is New Zealand’s first film festival solely dedicated to trail running. The first ever event took place at the iconic Hopetoun Alpha in Auckland, on April 18 2015 (followed by a super sweet trail run in the Waitakere Ranges the following day, for event attendees).

The idea is to create the laid back atmosphere of the post-run catch up with friends: get together with like-minded individuals, watch some amazing trail running films, drink some mighty fine beer, eat something delicious, and share the love for the sport in a relaxed manner. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d like to do, then how did you even end up on this website?