The most important thing about the mountains is the freedom. I came here because of the mountains. But not only because of their beauty, but also because of the freedom I feel here. I can live my life here to the fullest and do whatever I want. That freedom cannot be replaced by anything. Anything…” Viktor Beranek, porter and hut keeper of the Rysy Hut

With hundred kilos on their backs they are facing storms, blizzards and deep snow. Their craft is not only a profession, but also their way to the calmness.

In the documentary Freedom under Load we get to know the oldest generation of the porters in the High Tatras, who climb with supplies to the mountain huts every day. We discover why they have chosen this way of life and why they remain the last of the Mohicans on the European continent. And maybe we find out something about our own load that we carry.

Not exactly a trail running movie but for anyone out there who loves wonderful tales of the mountains and the characters who choose to live and work in them this is a must see!

Directed by Pavol Barabas
Slovakia, 2016, 58 minutes