Directed by Joel Wolpert

USA / 2014

High Country poster hi-resIn the High Country is an impressionistic mountain running film: a visual essay about a life in the mountains. It looks at running from a new perspective, both visually and in the style of running. This kind of movement blurs the lines between running and climbing, between human and mountain.

One way to learn our place in the world is through millions of accumulated steps: on gravel roads, glacial creeks, and over high mountain summits. Each stride imprints the terrain more deeply in the mind. The importance of any specific event falls away in the face of an ever-building accumulation of understanding.

In the High Country is the result of a year-long collaboration between filmmaker Joel Wolpert and mountain-runner Anton Krupicka. The film follows Krupicka’s evolution in running from his roots in Niobrara, Nebraska, to the Roost, his pickup truck home, and the miles in between; from itinerant shenanagins to speed soloing on the Flatirons.

Director’s Bio

Joel Wolpert specializes in “wrecking himself to get the shot”. Most shoots involve wallowing in the muck, climbing trees, or running up remote mountain peaks. He’ll do anything to get a unique perspective from high speed technical trail descents to filming off a longboard.


  • Himself: Anton Krupicka, Ronnie Krupicka
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Writer: Joel Wolpert, Anton Krupicka
  • Cinematography: Joel Wolpert
  • Producer: The Wolpertinger
  • Original Scores: Cusique, Peter Adams
  • Additional Music: Rim Of The Well, Log Across The Washer, Mason Jennings, Cusique
  • Motion Graphics: Coat of Arms
  • Lead Motion Designer: Ryan Butterworth