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The hardrock miners of Colorado experienced adversity on another level through the hardships they faced in the San Juan Mountains. When the mines closed and the jobs dried up the town of Silverton was in search of a new identity.

The Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run epitomizes the community aspect of mountain running perhaps due to the gruelling nature of the course and the adversity the runners face. The mentality of everyone vs. the mountain exists especially at Hardrock. Friends and runners gather each July in Silverton and a town is reborn.

Matt Trappe’s exciting new movie follows 3 characters as they take on the 2015 race epic; 10 time finisher Billy Simpson, our very own Anna Frost and the awesome Hans Dieter-Weisshaar competing at the age of 75.

Prepare to book your flights to Colorado!


A production by Matt Trappe Photo & Film
In association with Louder than 11
Edited by Matt Trappe Louder than 11
Additional Editing by Jess Carfield
Score by Fizzix Productions
Post Produced by Louder than 11
Produced and Directed by Matt Trappe

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