Directed by Ethan Newberry – AKA The Ginger Runner

USA / 2014

The Gorge 50k, put on by the notorious Rainshadow Running, is one of the most spectacular ultramarathons in the United States and across the globe. Traversing mountain paths littered with huge rockfall, old growth forests and lush mossy singletrack, the Gorge 50k runs by, through and BEHIND over 15 incredible waterfalls. It’s not an easy jaunt by any means. Expect to put your climbing legs to the test as most of the vertical in this race comes in the final few steep and exposed climbs. This race is not to be missed and surely worth the trip from around the world.5277580_G

Director’s Bio

Ethan Newberry is an actor/comedian/designer/bff that currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. You can see some of his work and other nonsense by visiting his website at


  • Director: Ethan Newberry