dirt1 We’re stoked to announce our very first piece of official Reel Wild merchandise – the dirtbag trucker hat!

Dirtbag is the hat that any self-respected trail runner needs to own.

According to the Urban Dictionary, that super reliable source of all human wisdom, a dirtbag is “a person who is committed to a given (usually extreme) lifestyle to the point of abandoning employment and other societal norms in order to pursue said lifestyle. Dirtbags can be distinguished from hippies by the fact that dirtbags have a specific reason for their living communaly and generally non-hygenically; dirtbags are seeking to spend all of their moments pursuing their lifestyle.”

If that sounds like you (or the person you’d like to be) then we’ve created the perfect hat for you.

Avoid the looks of disgust from fellow dirtbag runners as they see you run past without a dirtbag trucker cap by ordering yours right now.

We won’t go into detailed tech specs (because we don’t know them). All you need to know is that this is a super sweet trucker cap that features the ability to make you look instantly cool.

Buy it now, thank us later.