Can you believe we’re nearly there? Maybe you can’t tell all the way from that side of the screen but WE ARE PRETTY EXCITED!

It’s been a true labour of love and, with the support of some amazing and generous people and companies, we’re finally just about ready to put on the inaugural edition of New Zealand’s very own trail running film festival!

After hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours) of work, we can finally confirm the approximate schedule of the day. We say approximate because, you know, there’s great beer to be drunk and dozens of your closest friends will be there shooting the breeze so it might all get a bit fluid… In any case, don’t say we didn’t try to put things in some sort of order.

We have 25 (Did you read that? TWENTY FIVE!) movies/shorts to watch, plus prizes and introductions from some kickass people – it’s going to be a full on day! We’ve also included plenty of breaks for you to mix and mingle, drink, eat and do whatever you fancy doing (it’s your own business, we won’t judge you out loud).

A couple more things before we get right into the good stuff: remember that there is no EFTPOS at the event so bring cash to pay for your entry, beers, merch, pizzas, etc. Also, if you can, bring a tin to donate to the Auckland City Mission and you can get a Buff at a discounted price!

Now, what exactly is going on at the film festival? Good question, we’re glad you asked. Please note that the list below includes only SOME of the movies and events of the day and serves as a rough guide to the festival.

Time What’s going on!
1pm Doors Open
145pm The Beauty of the Irrational
210pm Aaron Smart introduces ‘Just Keep Running’
3pm In The High Country
340pm Prize Draw for the killer Photos4Sale photography package!
4pm The Gorge 50K
415pm Depressions
425pm Prize Draw Total Sport T42
440pm 52 Peaks
5pm Max Romey Films
520pm Shaun Collins Introduces The Hillary 2015
550pm Prize Draw – Icebug’s 2nd awesome giveaway!
605pm Paul Charteris Introduces Tarawera Ultramarathon 2015
630pm Sunday Run briefing with Jo Johansen
640pm Prize Draw Xterra Series!
645pm Special guest introduces The Barkley Marathons
815pm End


If you haven’t got a ticket yet or know someone who should have a ticket but doesn’t, head here to get one now.

Without wanting to sound too much like an Oscars acceptance speech (although this is a film festival after all), we would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you. We’re incredibly excited about seeing our little project grow out of our crazy emails and scribbles in notebooks into an actual film festival. We’ve been humbled and amazed by all the support we’ve received from everyone in the trail running community, from the very moment we announced we wanted to put on a film festival solely dedicated to trail running. Thanks for not only not laughing at us but actually going ahead and showing your support for our crazy idea. In case we have one too many Epic beers on Saturday and forget to tell you to your face: you rock.

Okay, we’ll shut up now. There are about 326 other items on our to do list before we see you on Saturday so it’s time to panic.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the trails with you this weekend!

Steve & Vera

The Reel Wild Team