There is approximately zero chance you’ll watch all these amazing films and not feel inspired to lace up your shoes and hit the trails, so we’ve decided to go ahead and sort that out for you.

On Sunday, April 19, the day after the inaugural Reel Wild, join us for a run in the stunning Waitakere Ranges – home to some of the most beautiful trails in the world – with kiwi ultrarunner Jo Johansen.

All Reel Wild attendees get to run for free and we’ll all be going at a leisure, very much non-Jo Johansen kind of pace, so don’t worry about struggling to keep up.

Photos4Sale, a Reel Wild sponsor, will be out on the course taking photos of the runners and everyone will get to download their professional shots for free.

The details of the run will be confirmed closer to the time but book it in your diary now! Click here to buy your ticket to the festival, which gives you access to all films and the run with Jo.

See you out on the trails!